Support provided to CJIB in taking goods out of service

Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau (Central Judicial Collection Agency), CJIB for short, is responsible for the fast and proper execution of sanctions imposed by the court and for collecting penalties and fines, such as fines for traffic violations.

Taking goods out of service in the event of non-payment

Sometimes, citizens fail to pay their fines. CJIB is then permitted to take a number of measures to ensure that citizens pay their fines after all. For instance, CJIB may ask the National Police to take a citizen’s vehicle out of service.

Logistic processing by DRZ

When a vehicle has been taken out of service, DRZ picks it up and garages it at the Soesterberg location. There, DRZ determines the value of the vehicle. This valuation is necessary in order to correctly estimate the fair proceeds from any sale of the vehicle.
DRZ returns the vehicle on CJIB’s behalf if the fine is paid within the time limit set after all. If the fine is not paid in the end, DRZ will sell the vehicle and transfer the proceeds to CJIB.

More information: CJIB.