Sales calendar Vehicles and vessels

In the vehicles and vessels category, DRZ regularly sells cars, boats, mopeds, motor scooters, commercial vehicles and defence vehicles, as well as their parts, through an online auction on this website. The goods can be found in the online catalogues vehicles and vessels  (displayed in Dutch).

The sales calendar contains an up-to-date overview of all viewing days and viewing locations. Furthermore, the calendar states for every sale the closing date of the sale and the deadline for picking up goods.
Following payment of the goods awarded, you can use the personal appointment code stated on the invoice to schedule an appointment in the digital calendar for pick-up in the pick-up week.

The COVID-19 measures mean that only the sale by tender can take place. The sale by auction will be resumed on a later date. The goods on offer can only be viewed in the online catalogue.
No viewing days are organised. Obviously, we comply with all RIVM guidelines required when purchased goods are picked up, ensuring that everyone can safely pick up their goods.


Viewing day (due to Corona only online) 

Time                 Location Closing Sale  Pick up from - till
2021-0006 Monday 7 June n.v.t. n.v.t. 10 jun      10:00 uur 14-18 jun
2021-0007 Monday 5 July n.v.t. n.v.t. 08 jul       10:00 uur 12-16 jul
2021-0008 Monday 2 August n.v.t. n.v.t. 05 aug     10:00 uur 9-13 aug
2021-0009 Monday 6 September n.v.t. n.v.t. 09 sep     10:00 uur 13-17 sep
2021-0010 Monday 4 October n.v.t. n.v.t. 07 oct      10:00 uur 11-15 okt
2021-0011 Monday 1 November n.v.t. n.v.t. 04 nov     10:00 uur 8-12 nov
2021-0012 Monday 6 December n.v.t. n.v.t. 09 dec     10:00 uur 13-17 dec