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Buying goods

DRZ sells a wide range of goods originating from various activities. Everyone may buy goods from DRZ, from businesses and traders to private individuals.

DRZ stores any goods that have been seized or taken out of service. The relevant competent authority then decides what DRZ is to do with the goods. In some instances DRZ returns goods to their owners; in other instances they are destroyed. And in all other cases, DRZ sells the goods.

On behalf of the Central Public Administration, DRZ also sells any goods that the Central Public Administration no longer needs. Depending on the type of goods, DRZ sells the goods itself or asks an external auction house to sell them.

The sales procedures are explained for each type of goods separately.

What should you consider when buying goods from DRZ?

The goods descriptions in the catalogues are prepared based on information known to DRZ.

  • DRZ is not a garage or repair business and does not check whether everything is working properly.
  • DRZ does not give any warranty regarding the goods sold.
  • Buying from DRZ is entirely at the buyer’s own risk.
  • You pay a buyer’s premium on top of the purchase price. This premium is 15% of the amount you bid. The amount of the buyer’s premium is stated on the invoice.
  • In some cases you pay additional costs, such as VAT or private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax (BPM). These amounts are payable on top of the purchase price.
  • DRZ is not responsible for informing the buyer of the statutory conditions and other conditions set on the use of any goods offered for sale.

General Terms and Conditions (displayed in Dutch).